Natural Remedies to Help with Spring Allergies

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dandelionSpring allergies are no fun for anyone. Whether you are reacting to pollen in the air or dust in your home, allergies can make life difficult to manage. If you feel like allergies are getting the better of you, but you don’t want to take medication, here are some natural remedies from ingredients that many people have in their Mountlake Terrace apartments that might bring some relief.

1. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you have some apple cider vinegar in your kitchen? This is a surprising remedy for allergies. Swallowing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can reduce mucus production and cleanse your lymphatic system, which will reduce the impact of allergies.

2. Utilize a Neti Pot

A neti pot helps clear out the sinus cavities of gunk that can hide inside, which often includes allergens like dirt and pollen. Flushing the nasal passages will remove the mucus and some of the dirt and pollen that may make your allergies worse. While this won’t cure your allergies, it can relieve your symptoms and help you feel a little better.

3. Take a Probiotic

Allergies occur because of the immune system, and when the immune system is not balanced, your reactions to allergens become more intense. Probiotics are helpful in making your immune system respond as it should. They promote beneficial bacteria in your body that can fight some of the symptoms of allergies, helping your immune system function properly and reducing your symptoms.

4. Use the Power of Bees

Bees interact with pollen when they collect nectar from flowers to make honey. This means that honey made in your local environment contains trace amounts of pollen. Taking a tablespoon a day will teach your body’s immune system that the pollen is not a danger. You can also use bee pollen to introduce small amounts of pollen to your immune system to reduce its effect on your body. The key to effectiveness is to use honey or bee pollen from local sources.

With these natural remedies in hand, you will be ready to enjoy the outdoors. Come visit the Mountlake Terrace, WA apartments at Taluswood to enjoy amenities like a natural creek walk that make enjoying the outdoors easy.

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