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10 Tips for Basic Apartment Decor

As you search for Mountlake Terrace apartments, you're searching for a home. You want a place to decorate, a space to call your own. If the idea of working with neutral wall colors bothers you, worry no more. Those neutral walls are the perfect backdrop for everything you bring in. In fact, they're the ideal canvas…

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Decorating on (Almost) a Dime

No matter how big or small your budget is, you want to stretch your dollar to the max. Decorating for less is possible if you think outside of the box (and the big box stores). Here are a few ideas for resourceful apartment residents to decorate the home of their dreams: Pawn Shops Are you…

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5 Organizing Tips Using Ikea Products

Ikea is a great place for organizing things in your home. They have so many clever, stylish and affordable products that come in a variety of colors and styles. The following are a few fun ideas for how you can use Ikea products to organize your living space: Tips for Organizing With Ikea Products Store your…

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