10 Tips for Basic Apartment Decor

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apartment decorAs you search for Mountlake Terrace apartments, you're searching for a home. You want a place to decorate, a space to call your own. If the idea of working with neutral wall colors bothers you, worry no more. Those neutral walls are the perfect backdrop for everything you bring in. In fact, they're the ideal canvas upon which your personal design can be brought to fruition. 

Make It Special

There are plenty of ways to create an interior design you'll love while working with the specific wall colors, flooring, cabinets and countertops already installed. Hopefully, these 10 ideas will offer inspiration:

  1. Choose colors that make you feel calm and spread the same palette throughout your apartment. Sticking with one color scheme will make space feel larger while also providing visual continuity. 
  2. Introduce area rugs even if your apartment floors are covered in carpet. There's no rule against laying a rug over carpet, and it's an easy way to bring in style, color, and texture.
  3. Opt for a few large statement pieces of art rather than walls covered with smaller pieces. Not only will your home feel less cluttered, but it will also feel more thoughtfully decorated. 
  4. Create an accent wall with temporary wallpaper. As the name implies, temporary wallpaper can be easily hung (and later, removed) without damage to walls. It is available in a surprising array of colors and patterns at a reasonable price. 
  5.  Show off your creativity by finding a different way to display your favorite pictures and collectibles. For example, an old-fashioned bar cart or antique buffet from a thrift shop can both be considered functional art. 
  6.  Add self-adhesive wall tiles to the kitchen backsplash for a fresh look.
  7.  Use decorative window film to cover windows in rooms where you want both light and privacy. They're available in a myriad of designs and are easy to install (and remove).
  8.  Go ahead and hang beautiful drapes, even when there are blinds in place. Make sure to purchase something you love so you can take them with you if you decide to move. 
  9.  Remove existing light switch covers and outlets and replace them with decorative covers. Remember to store the old ones somewhere safe so they can be replaced before you move. 
  10. For a cozier home, add as many textures as possible. You can introduce texture through throw pillows, lampshades, and even art. 

The ideal living situation is when you're in a place you're proud of that feels good to come home to. If you'd like to find out more about the apartment homes we have to offer, feel free to contact us


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